I’ve been busy with the back to school period, as usual, but this has been a particularly busy year.  To try to keep in the habit of drawing, I’ll try to participate in Inktober.  What is Inktober?  It’s an art initiative created in 2009 by Jake Parker, with the goal of encouraging people to draw every day in October (ink + October).  For me, this is ideally situated, since this is the time of year when I tend to be extremely busy with back to school stuff, and almost all of my hobbies are forgotten about for lack of free time.  I’ve been doing some india ink sketches these last couple of days and will put some up soon.  Below is the official list of drawing ideas.

Summer Travel

This summer I was able to spend some time in the countryside….

More pictures coming soon.

La rentrée

C’est la rentrée.  Back to school.

I’m very happy to start teaching French and English again this year.  Some familiar faces and some new ones.  But it never seems like the summer is long enough.  Pictures from this summer coming soon as well as some new teaching tools I developed this summer.